Wet close out

Warm weather persisted through the end of the work week, but Friday brought periods of heavy rain and cooling temperatures. North River anchorages were busy Friday morning as a blanket of fog sat over the region.

Reinauer’s Josephine remained anchored in the River with her loaded barge, shifting up north closer to the Bridge. By late morning Friday, however, Josephine was heading for the NuStar terminal in Linden, the same destination we have seen other loaded barges anchoring in the River heading for this year, and there does seem to be some connection between that facility and the shift towards tugs more frequently anchoring in the North River with loaded barges.

Gracie M. Reinauer, Reinauer Twins and Josephine Reinauer anchored in the River Friday morning; Josephine’s barge is loaded and lower in the water than the other two.
The loaded barge was more clearly visible later in the morning at slack tide
Josephine later pushed the cargo south towards the NuStar Linden terminal

More typical traffic late in the week was mainly tugs with light barges returning after making early week deliveries up north

Quenames, seen Wednesday heading north for Newburgh with a cargo, returned Friday with the tug looking lighter and headed for the Shell terminal in Sewaren
The Beatrice, seen heading north with cargo on Tuesday, also returned with their light barge Friday and docked at the Homeport pier in Stapleton
Saint Emilion was pushing a Poling-Cutler barge, coming down from Albany and heading for Carteret. The Edwin Poling barge is often paired with the Evelyn Cutler tug, but Evelyn has been off AIS for 8 days and last pinged in the Caddell boatyard, so perhaps she is having some work done.
Vane’s Elk River arrived off Pier 88 early ahead of its bunkering customer, the Norwegian Gem and stemmed the tide…
…waiting for Gem to dock with assistance from James D Moran. Gem normally does not need tug assistance for docking, so perhaps there was some technical issue or the fact that she was coming in at peak flood tide meant she needed some help.
James D was positioned on the upriver side as the River was at peak flood
Another Vane tug was visible, waiting to help position the bunkering barge
Gem was on her way before sunset, leaving without tug assistance just after slack tide and heading for the Caribbean
Late Wednesday, Paula Atwell, a tug we have not seen before on the North River, had a hopper on the wire heading for Kingston and the Rondout Creek before dropping off AIS. We have seen Norfolk Towing’s Paula before moving Covanta waste containers on the East River.
Coast Guard 29’ boats were doing drills on the River Thursday
Kayakers took advantage of the warm weather Thursday to get out on the water early.

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