Skies cleared Saturday and temperatures slowly climbed back above 40 amid bright sunshine. A bulker came through in the morning, heading out to sea after delivering a cargo of gypsum from Garrucha, Spain to the wallboard plant in Buchanan, NY. At sunset, another bulk ship came through heading north for Coeymans with unknown cargo, or perhaps light heading to pick up scrap.

Traffic was otherwise typical, but two of the regular tugs operating on the River seemed to be out of service and had substitutes working.

Norfolk Towing’s George Holland brought crushed rock down from the Clinton Point quarry. Normally, this is Buchanan12’s job, but B12 is currently docked on Richmond Terrace on the KvK
Kimberly Poling had a cargo heading north towards Albany. The barge, Edwin Poling, came through Friday going the other direction light being pushed by the Saint Emilion. Most often we see this barge with Evelyn Cutler, but Evelyn has been off AIS for 9 days and last pinged from the Caddell boatyard on the KvK.
The bulker Ultra Cory was heading for sea after unloading a cargo of Spanish gypsum at the wallboard plant in Buchanan.
Doris Moran returned to the Harbor after helping Ultra Cory leave the dock up in Westchester.
Doris was followed by Kimberly Turecamo which also provided assistance up there.
CMT’s Daisy Mae was coming the other way, heading for Coeymans with a raft of hoppers loaded with what looked like salt and stone.
Norwegian Getaway left at sunset after arriving at sunrise, heading for Bermuda and the Bahamas
The NYPD provided an escort as usual
Getaway passed the arriving Thor Madoc on the way out, the 1000 foot cruise ship making the 600 foot bulker look small in comparison
Thor Madoc was heading for Coeymans, arriving from the Mediterranean with unknown cargo or perhaps picking up scrap or other material for export
The FDNY’s large Three Forty Three boat and one of the small FDNY boats spent some time on the River off Weehawken
A Coast Guard 29’ boat was also on the River
DonJon Marine’s Meagan Ann was taking the recycling out at Pier 99
Dean Reinauer returned from Newburgh with a light 400’ barge
Reinauer Twins remained anchored on the River with a 400’ barge of their own.
A Huey helicopter with the livery of the USAF 1st Helicopter Squadron, which typically flys VIPs and dignitaries around DC, flew up the River, about 200 miles away from its Andrews AFB HQ.

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