Buying in bulk

The dip down to freezing on Saturday was short-lived, with temperatures climbing back to just shy of 50 again on Sunday. River traffic remained moderately heavy, with the third bulker of the weekend coming through Sunday. The Reinauer Twins remained anchored off 110th Street for a third day.

The Genco Auvergne, a 625-foot long bulk ship was heading for Albany, arriving from Morocco after a stop in Maine. Auvergne looked high in the water, and a pick-up of scrap at Sims Metal seems a good guess, though we will see where she docks up north.
Fort Schuyler came through early Sunday, returning from Kingston and heading for the Arthur Kill
The Reinauer Twins remained anchored off Edgewater for a third day
Nicole Reinauer returned from Newburgh with a light barge and was overtaken by a Coast Guard 45’ response boat
Saint Emilion passed us Friday on the way south with the Edwin Poling barge. That barge then went north Saturday with the Kimberly Poling. Sunday, Saint Emilion was heading north again with its usual A87 barge. The Evelyn Cutler tug remains offline, or at least off AIS.
Haugland Group’s Emma Rose, acquired by the company last year, came south from Haugland’s Tompkins Cove port with a deck barge, heading for the former Kinder Morgan terminal on the West Shore of Staten Island. The site is a brownfield being remediated and there have been reports that it is being considered for wind turbine assembly operations.
The DEP tanker Port Richmond was heavily loaded, carry sludge from the North River plant to the Passaic Valley treatment facility in Newark for dewatering
A Red-breasted merganser couple were hanging out off Pier i
A fiery sunset ended the weekend

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