Less common traffic

Conditions have deteriorated as the week has progressed following the Washington’s Birthday holiday, with Wednesday bringing rain and hail, though still no measurable snow. Traffic on the River has included some vessels seen less often, though activity has been generally light.

Genesis Vigilant was heading for Rensselaer on Tuesday afternoon
Genesis Glory was heading in the same direction about 24 hours later
Reinauer’s B. Franklin, one of the smaller Reinauer ATBs seen less often on the River, was anchored off 72nd Street.
Norfolk’s George Holland continues to fill in for Buchanan12 on the Clinton Point quarry run this week
Haugland’s brought a stone cargo down from the quarry in Catskill to the Bay Ridge anchorages on Wednesday
Dann’s Coral Coast brought a load of cement down from the Lafarge Ravenna plant Wednesday
Sound Marine’s workboat continues to make daily runs down to the Harbor from their HQ at the North River Shipyard in Nyack.
A Statue of Liberty ferry was heading the opposite way up to the North River Nayack yard on Tuesday for some work.
The Army Corps’ Gelberman was on the River Wednesday.
The new moon early in the week brought a rather high tide

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