Finishing windy

Damp conditions prevailed through Thursday. By Friday, the sun was out, but a brisk 25 knot wind out of the northwest brought gale warnings to the harbor and put a good chop on the river. Thursday morning saw the B. Franklin, Genesis Glory, and William F. Fallon, Jr all anchored in the fog on the River. Glory and William departed Thursday, leaving Franklin who was joined by Kirby’s Cape Canaveral on Friday afternoon. River traffic was moderate and typical. Up above, one of the Marines’ new heavy lift King Stallion helicopters flew by en route to the Sirkorsky plant in Stratford, Connecticut.

Genesis Glory at anchor off the Boat Basin Thursday morning
William Fallon was anchored further north
B. Franklin Reinauer was parked further south, and remained there through Friday.
William F. Fallon, Jr left their anchorage Thursday morning and headed for the KvK, with her barge seemingly loaded, another example of what has become more common place this year: anchoring with a loaded barge.
Royal Wagenborg’s Ebroborg came through Wednesday evening, arriving from Sweden via Philadelphia, and heading for Albany with a likely cargo of wood pulp for paper mills up north.
The next morning, Marilyn George, Poling-Cutler’s newest tug which we saw for the first time on the River exactly a month earlier, was heading for the Yonkers anchorage, where she remained until Friday afternoon…
…when she passed B. Franklin again heading for the Arthur Kill
Gracie M. Reinauer was heading for Albany with a cargo Friday morning, visible between the Intrepid’s island and a Lincoln Tunnel vent, with Jersey City and the whispering Water’s Soul statue in the background.
Cape Canaveral muscled its barge into the wind and the flood tide Friday to drop anchor off the Boat Basin
George Holland continued to fill in for Buchanan12 on the Clinton Point quarry run, coming south on Thursday…
And again on Friday with a smaller load.
Pinuccia brought a light barge south on Friday
Icebreaker Penobscot Bay returned from Poughkeepsie Thursday to the Bayonne base. Her cousin Sturgeon Bay remained deployed up north. The small tug Line also came back from upstate and anchored at the Coast Guard’s mooring ball south of the Bridge.
A Coast Guard 45’ response boat was also on the River Thursday.
Megan Ann worked a waste paper scow at Pier 99 Thursday
The kayak/paddle board pair were back on the River Thursday as temperatures held well above freezing.
This weirdly painted and not obviously marked Blackhawk came down the River with no transponder signal.

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