In like a lion?

March kicked off with a heavy slug of two-way traffic dominated by ATBs, with a sugar barge and some stone hoppers also in the mix. The weather was more moderate though, with clear skies and temperatures in the 40s.

Carolina Coast left its anchorage off Yonkers at sunrise with the light sugar barge Jonathan on the wire, heading back south for more product.
Janice Ann was at anchor off Edgewater at daybreak after an overnight trip don from Albany.
Later in the morning, Janice got a visit from Jason Reinauer, perhaps dropping equipment or crew, before Jason headed back to the Upper Bay.
Later on, Janice headed for Bayonne IMTT for new cargo, passing Kirby’s Mako on one whistle.
Mako, not observed by NRN since last summer, was bringing a cargo north from the Delaware River refineries.
Patrice McCalister left her anchorage off Yonkers with her barge backwards on the hip, made a loop in the Upper Bay and then returned to anchor again off Edgewater.
Kimberly Poling was pushing the loaded barge Edwin Poling north towards Albany
Josephine was on a similar mission
As was Quenames
Gracie M. Reinauer was going the other way, bringing a light barge back from Newburgh.
CMT’s Daisy Mae was moving a cargo of large stones and perhaps gravel heading for the Greenville anchorages.
A pair of F18s flew up the River to West Point and back at midday
A kayaker was out with a pair of paddle boarders in the morning

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