Tanker time

A foreign-flagged tanker moved up the River Thursday morning, arriving from Montreal and likely bringing a cargo of refined products from the refinery there. Most oil products move north on US flagged tanker barges pushed by tugs or articulated tug/barge combinations (ATBs), coming from the refineries and pipeline terminals in North Jersey or, sometimes, from the Delaware River or the Gulf of Mexico. But occasionally a medium range tanker like this one brings a cargo from Europe, the Caribbean or Canada. Traffic remained fairly heavy throughout the day, as early fogged cleared and temperatures climbed.

The Hafnia Lise, a 50,000 deadweight ton products tanker cut through the morning fog, arriving from Canada after a stop in Boston, and en route to Albany.
A much smaller tanker, the Chandra B, was also on the River in the morning (though seen here a bit later off Jersey City). Chandra B is a bunkering tanker which refuels mid-sized boats around the harbor such as dinner cruisers. Photo by D. Ackman
Pinuccia also had a products cargo moving north coming from Sewaren
Cape Fear was on their heals, also heading north with oil products cargo as well
Also cutting through the fog Thursday morning was the Coral Coast, pushing a light cement barge back towards Lafarge’s Ravenna plant from the terminal in College Point, Queens.
Genesis Glory arrived on the River with a light barge and anchored near the Boat Basin.
Dean Reinauer came up from the Upper Bay around midday and dropped anchor further north
This little “rule beater” tug passed the hospital in North Bergen with construction equipment on a deck barge
MHT’s Nathan G headed for Albany with a couple of hoppers
An NYPD airship made a run up the River in the afternoon

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