Weather coming

Tanker barges and tugs seem to be accumulating in the North River anchorages ahead of weather coming in Friday night. By sundown, Genesis Vigilant, Adeline Marie, Patrice McCallister, and Dean Reinauer were all anchored south of the Bridge, and Mount St Elias and Kimberly Poling were to the north. Gale warnings and coastal flood warnings were in effect for Friday evening after a pleasantly warm day, with gusts up to 40 knots expected.

Morning sun glinted off a load of automotive scrap as Meagan Marie came down from Albany heading for Newark
Mount St Elias was anchored with a light barge off Dyckman Street, with Palisades Park and the road up the cliff from the Englewood Marina in the background.
Kimberly Poling was anchored off Alpine, with the massive Alpine Tower, which dates back to 1937, looming above
Marilyn George, a Poling-Cutler tug new to the River this year, has become a frequent flyer. She left anchorage off Yonkers Friday afternoon and was heading for the KvK
Passing the Coast Guard small harbor tug Wire as she cleared the Bridge on her way south
Wire was on their way north, perhaps to be in position for wintery conditions up there this weekend.
The Chicago-bound Lake Shore Limited crossed the Dyckman Street bridge, with the Cloisters visible overhead.
Ring-billed gulls were enjoying some down time Friday afternoon
The kayak/paddle board crew continue to get on the River almost every morning.

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