Return to work

The sun rose Saturday morning on a crowded North River anchorage, as tug and barge combinations took shelter from the overnight gale conditions. Robbins Reef recorded a gust over 40 knots Friday night, but conditions improved Saturday with clearing skies and reducing winds even as temperatures dropped a bit. Tugs in the River headed out for new cargos, with only Adeline Marie and Kristy Ann remaining south of the Bridge and Mt. Saint Elias just to the north.

Genesis Vigilant at anchor at high tide in the morning fog
She later dropped out of the notch…
And maneuvered alongside…
…as the crew made up the tow on the hip. She was later headed through Hell Gate and out along the Sound for Riverhead terminal, suggesting the barge was not quite empty while it anchored here.
Patrice McCalister remained anchored with her own barge on the hip, with Dean Reinauer further to the north and Kristy Ann invisible beyond Dean. CMT’s Daisy Mae appeared from the south to be between Patrice and Dean, heading for Coeymans with stone hoppers. Patrice later headed for the Upper Bay…
As did Dean
Daisy Mae on her way north
…was followed a short while later by Marilyn George, in contention for the most frequently seen tug on the North River this year. After leaving Yonkers anchorage Friday afternoon, Marilyn spent the evening loading new cargo in Carteret. Her colleague Evelyn Cutler also seems to be back in action on the Arthur Kill after a period off AIS.
Marilyn passed the anchored Adeline Marie on her way north.
And Buchanan12 is also black in action after a period off line while the Clinton Point quarry run was being covered by George Holland.

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