Working weekend

Saturday evening brought another bulker bringing Spanish gypsum up to the Buchanan wallboard plant, and Sunday saw the tanker Hanfia Lise heading back to sea after delivering a cargo of what was probably Canadian-refined oil products in Albany. Otherwise, traffic seemed light after the flurry of recent days. By the end of the weekend, all the tug/barge combinations at the North River anchorages had cleared out, leaving the River empty all the way up to Yonkers where Saint Emilion occupied its usual parking spot.

The Norwegian-flagged bulk ship Spar Taurus passed the Lady in the background and FDNY’s Three Forty Three boat at the MC1 base in Chelsea at sunset on Saturday. Spar was heading for Buchanan with a load of Spanish gypsum for the wallboard plant up there.
Spar was preceded by Moran’s Kimberly Turecamo, which headed up to Buchanan to assist with docking the big bulker.
The products tanker Hanfia Lise was heading out to sea after discharging cargo in Albany, likely products refined in Montreal.
Mount St. Elias headed for Port Reading Sunday afternoon after spending most of the weekend anchored north of the Bridge
Centerline’s Adeline Marie was the last boat to leave the North River Sunday, but she pulled up her hook and headed south well before sundown.
The ranks of the morning paddlers seem to be growing as spring approaches
This privately-owned Cessna was flying up the Hudson VFR corridor below the 1,000 foot ceiling, heading to Poughkeepsie from Republic Airport on Long Island.

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