Philadelphia Story and the voyage of the Baylander

Wye River arrived on the North River Monday with a loaded looking tank barge on the wire. This towing configuration is not usually seen on the River other than for tugs coming from or heading directly to sea, and, indeed, in this case, Wye River’s AIS showed it arriving from Philadelphia. This is another pattern we have been seeing in recent weeks: tugs with tank barges coming up from and returning to the Delaware River (or South River to stick with Dutch labels), and there may be some pipeline capacity explanation for why there seems to be more traffic than usual between these two big hubs for petroleum products. Once Wye reached the Boat Basin, they reconfigured to a more conventional North River setup, with the tug dropping back into the notch and then anchoring.

Vane’s Wye River arrived on the North River from Philadelphia with a loaded looking tank barge on the wire.
Once in the anchorage area, they dropped the tow…
Circled around to the stern of the barge
And dropped into the notch where crew were waiting to make a new connection before anchoring in the River.

Another interesting move on Monday involved a ship that normally does not move at all. The Baylander is a retired Vietnam era US Navy utility boat that at one time was used to practice helicopter landings. In recent years, she has been permanently docked at the West Harlem Piers at the end of 125th Street. But on Monday, Stasinos’s Meaghan Marie came up the River and towed Baylander down to the May Ship Repair boatyard on the Kill van Kull, where they are presumably having some work done before reopening for the summer in April.

Stasinos headed north on the River in the morning…
And returned with the USS Baylander under tow, heading for a boat yard on the north shore of Staten Island.

Other moves on the River Monday were more typical.

Dann Marine’s Ruby Coast was heading for Yonkers with a cargo of sugar aboard the large barge Knot Refined, whose maiden voyage NRN covered last year.
Diamond Coast followed close behind to help with docking up there.
DonJon’s Thomas D Witte had a load of automotive scrap metal coming down from the Sims Metal dock in Albany to the Sims Metal dock in Jersey City
The Beatrice had a cargo heading north for Albany
B Franklin Reinauer remained anchored off 72nd Street with their 347’ barge after returning overnight from a run up to New Haven
B. Franklin was joined at midday by Josephine with a similarly sized barge, heading to anchorage south of the Bridge.
And then passed by Stephen Reinauer, a much older tug with a smaller loaded barge heading upriver
Don Jon’s Meagan Ann maneuvered a recyclable paper scow outside the DSNY Pier 99 facility
Coast Guard icebreaker Sturgeon Bay was heading upriver
A ring-billed gull surveyed the fish situation Monday morning.

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