You don’t need a weather vane…

A whipping northwest wind made it feel like winter again on Tuesday. Robbins Reef recorded gusts over 40 knots and a small craft warning was in effect for the harbor. River traffic slowed a bit after a frenetic start to the week but tanker barges began to accumulate at the anchorages again. Activity this week has been dominated by the Vane Brothers for whatever reason, with two more tug/barges seen Tuesday after Wye River and Pocomoke briefly anchored Monday.

Vane’s Philadelphia brought what looked like a loaded barge up the River and anchored north of the Bridge.
Later Vane’s Charleston arrived with a light looking barge and anchored off the Boat Basin
Saint Emilion left their usual Yonkers anchorage just after sunrise and headed to the Buckeye terminal in Newark.
Centerline’s Adeline Marie was back on the River, heading for anchorage just north of the Charleston.
Reinauer’s Josephine spent Tuesday anchored near the Bridge
CMT’s Helen was heading back to base with a hopper.

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