Windy Wednesday with a visitor from afar

Mid-week traffic on the River seemed light and entirely unremarkable after a more interesting start to the week, with the exception of a visiting fast ferry heading to Nyack for service. However, whipping northwest winds limited NRN observation opportunities. A bald eagle was sighted off 73rd Street but, sadly, not photographed.

Stephen Reinauer came through with their light barge in the early morning light, returning to the Harbor after a run up to Albany
Marilyn George was similarly lightly encumbered and also returning from Albany
The low-slung Arnold Witte, designed with the canals of Brooklyn and upstate in mind, was working the Pier 99 DSNY detail Wednesday. In the background, North Hudson Fire Rescue’s marine unit can be seen exiting their Weehawken Terminal base.
North Hudson Fire’s boat made a loop up the River
…and then returned to base
One of the NYPD’s 31’ RIBs was also on the River in the afternoon
This ferry was far from home. Normally it plies the waters between Quonset, RI and Martha’s Vinyard or Block Island, but on Wednesday they were on the North River, heading for the North River Shipyard in Nyack. This seems like a long way to go for service, so North River Shipyard must do good work.

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