Signs of spring?

Thursday again saw typical River traffic and improving weather conditions, with winds abating and temperatures warming. Days start off frigid but struggle to stay cold this time of year as the sun gets closer to the northern hemisphere. Coast Guard Sector New York’s ice season has officially concluded as of Tuesday this week.

Coast Guard icebreaker Sturgeon Bay was heading back to its Bayonne base after spending some time upriver.
An open fishing boat was on the River early, perhaps another sign of impending spring.
CMT’s Mackenzie Rose moved a high sided upper north as the sun set on Wednesday
Reinauer’s Josephine opened Wednesday still anchored near the Bridge
…but headed for the Harbor and Erie Basin later in the morning
Kristin Poling returned from Albany in the afternoon with a light barge and headed for the Arthur Kill
Colleagues on Marilyn George were heading the other way with a cargo
Late in the day, DonJon work barges were assembling near the passenger terminal, perhaps getting ready to dredge or otherwise prepare the terminal for summer cruising season

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