Mid-March Nor’easter

Storms have rolled through the New York area as we reach the middle of March, with a wintery mix on Friday followed by a nor’easter arriving Monday evening. By Tuesday afternoon, winds had shifted around to the northwest and were gusting above 40 knots, with gale warnings going into effect. Heavy snow accumulated on the northern end of the Hudson, but in New York City there was no accumulation, just occasional white-out conditions. River traffic has been relatively light and anchorages crowded during periods of heavy weather.

Gracie M. Reinauer, Dean Reinauer, and Genesis Glory road out the nor’easter south of the Bridge
Denali, a Kirby tug not seen before on the River, arrived from Boston with a light barge Sunday and remained anchored off 72nd through Tuesday
CMT’s Mackenzie Rose came south with hoppers during a break in the weather over the weekend
And a Dann tug brought a light cement barge north
The Army Corps Driftmaster was filling in for Hayward on North River patrol over the weekend
Hayward appears to be on the hard, hauled out at Bayonne Dry Dock for service
American Petroleum’s Stephen B came south in Tuesday’s storm, returning a light barge from Albany and heading for Tottenville
USCG icebreaker Penobscot Bay left Poughkeepsie at midday Tuesday and returned to their Bayonne base, joining Sturgeon Bay there

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