Beware the Ides

Skies cleared Wednesday but the winds remained elevated, gusting above 40 knots with gale warnings in effect all day. Tanker barges were moving around the River but through cargo seemed rather light.

Vane’s Fort McHenry came through not long past sunrise heading for the Buckeye terminal north of Newburgh
Treasure Coast was heading the other direction, pushing a loaded cement barge down from the Ravenna Lafarge plant and heading for Lafarge’s Bayonne terminal
Morgan Reinauer, one of the older Reinauer tugs, arrived on the River in the morning with a light barge and anchored off 96th Street
Morgan passing by with somewhat retro lines
Ruth Reinauer, Dean Reinauer and the Genesis Glory were anchored further north
Dean Reinauer made a loop up to Yonkers and then headed south for the Arthur Kill in the afternoon
Josephine made a loop up the River in the afternoon but didn’t stay long
CMT’s Mister Jim brought a cargo of large rocks down from Coeymans
Kirby’s Denali remained anchored off 72nd for a third day

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