Clearing up and clearing out

The North River anchorages cleared out Thursday as winds abated and temperatures climbed. The highlight of the day in terms of traffic was a foreign flagged tanker heading north for Albany, arriving from Europe and likely carrying a cargo of refined products, the first presumed European products cargo observed by NRN this year.

The oil products tanker Chiberta heading for Albany with a European cargo, passing Poling-Cutler’s southbound Marilyn George on one whistle.
Dann’s Ruby Coast had the sugar barge Knot Refined on the wire, heading for sea and returning to Florida after spending over a week unloading at the Yonkers Domino plant and perhaps waiting for lighter winds before heading south.
Ruby was followed by Diamond Coast who likely helped the barge leave the dock in Yonkers and stayed with Ruby at least as far as South Jersey
After nearly four days at anchor off 72nd Street, Kirby’s Denali pulled up their hook and headed for the Kill van Kull just after sunrise
Buchanan12 brought its usual flotilla of empty hoppers back to the the Tilcon quarry in Clinton Point, NY
The DEP’s Red Hook tanker was servicing the North River plant, ferrying sludge to Hunts Point for dewatering.
The survey vessel Yeti, belonging to S.T. Hudson Engineering, traveled up the River in the morning and returned late in the afternoon.
Nyack-based Sound Marine continues to move up and down the River with their own small boat
The Coast Guard had a 45’ response boat on the River for a bit

2 responses to “Clearing up and clearing out”

  1. Belatedly catching up on recent NRN postings. Seems like activity has picked up lately after a slow few days. Interesting to read about traffic from Europe. And water birds, getting their share of coverage. Knowing little about birds, not surprised to encounter species I’ve never heard of. Gadwalls? Looked them up and learned the oddly perturbing fact that the poor gadwall has been declared “a species of Least Concern.” And how about the dismissive description of the female’s main call as “a largely nondescript quack.” Surely gadwalls deserve more respect! I’ll be watching for them on NRN from now on.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha, truth be told, I had never heard of a Gadwall myself, had to ask what they were. Thanks for the reply. Busy week away from the River for me so not much chance to post.


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