Dual Power

Friday saw a small tanker moving up the North River, Albany bound and notable for a number of reasons:
1) this is the second oil products tanker from Northern Europe to come through in two days, but the first two such cargos this year;
2) the Mia Desgagnes is a dual LNG/oil powered ship, the first such vessel we have seen on the River;
3) the Mia Desgagnes is Canadian-flagged, also not common on the North River despite periodic oil product cargos moving from Canada to Albany; and,
4) the Mia Desgagnes was the first polar class dual-powered vessel ever when it was launched in 2018 according to articles at the time.

Otherwise, traffic was fairly typical on Friday as temperatures climbed into the 50s and winter seeming like a distant memory already.

The Mia Desgagnes, a Canadian-flagged LNG/oil dual-powered tanker headed for Albany Friday with refined products cargo from Northern Europe.
Buchanan12 came through at sunrise with its usual hoppers of crushed dolomite from the Tilcon Clinton Point quarry.
DonJon’s Mary Alice brought a scow full of scrap down from Albany to the Sims Metal dock in Jersey City, passing the anchored Haggerty Girls who spent Friday off 72nd Street.
The survey ship Yeti belonging to S.T. Hudson Engineering headed up the River Friday morning for the second day in a row.
CMT’s Mackenzie Rose brought a light hopper down from Coeymans on the hip, passing Manhattan in the late afternoon Friday
Vane’s Elk River was heading north with a cargo in the late afternoon Friday
Their colleagues aboard Fort Schuyler was heading the other way after a delivery to New Hamburg, NY.

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