Oil and sugar as the winter fades

Days continue to start chilly in mid-March and the River remains a source of cold, but by late Saturday the temperatures were climbing into the low 50s and flowers and trees are beginning to bloom. Traffic on the River was fairly light, and recreational boaters remain scarce as their boats are not yet in the water for the most part. Oil products and sugar were moving on the River.

Stephen Reinauer, launched in 1970 but retrofitted with ATB connections, came up the River Saturday and anchored off 86th Street
Vane’s Fort McHenry was heading north with a cargo Saturday
Dann’s Carolina Coast came up from Florida with another load of sugar for the Domino Plant in Yonkers on the dry-bulk barge Jonathan.
The tug Normandy headed up to Yonkers ahead of the Carolina Coast to assist with docking the barge
DonJon’s low-slung J. Arnold Witte was servicing the Pier 99 DSNY paper facility again.
Norwegian Getaway arrived before sunrise Saturday and was on her way south to the Caribbean again before sunset
An Army Blackhawk helicopter flew up the River from Lakehurst AFB in New Jersey, looped up past the Bridge, circled the Statue and headed home
A New Jersey State Police helicopter looped over the River…
And landed briefly at the Palisades Medical Center in North Bergen

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