Springing ahead

Days continue to start cold, but warm up as the sun rises, and the morning lows also have begun to trend higher. River traffic has seemed rather light, though minerals and oil products continue to move.

Kimberly Poling began the week at anchor off 72nd Street but was soon on her way.
Nicole Reinauer brought a partially loaded barge north to Newburgh on Monday
The FDNY’s Brooklyn Navy Yard-based Bravest, one of two shallow-draft medium sized fireboats, was on the North River Monday
Norwegian Gem was at Pier 88 on Monday
But was heading back to the Caribbean by evening, with the usual Pier 86 NYPD launch keeping watch
Coast Guard icebreaker Sturgeon Bay returned from a trip up to Haverstraw Bay on Tuesday
Kristin Poling had a cargo heading north on Tuesday as well
A pair of Marine Super Stallion heavy lift choppers flew up the River Wednesday
The bulk ship Athos arrived from Mexico Wednesday en route to Albany. Cargo is uncertain but possibly a late season shipment of road salt.
Dann’s Chesapeake Coast, seen more often on bunkering runs in the Harbor, was heading north with a fairly light looking barge
This picnic table was visible at low tide below the sea wall at around 90th Street in Riverside Park. It could have been dropped over the railing but that would have meant carrying it some distance and it seems more likely to have drifted to this spot.

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