Weekend traffic

North River anchorages filled up Friday night as a weather system came through Saturday, generating a small craft warning for the Harbor and steady rain. Through traffic was fairly heavy, with product barges heading north, a sugar barge arriving for Yonkers, and a foreign-flagged tanker leaving town after a delivery in Albany.

Chem Norma headed for sea Friday evening after visiting the Buckeye Terminal in Albany. Norma arrived from Northern Europe and marks the third tanker load of foreign oil product deliveries to Albany observed by NRN this month.
Saturday morning found Reinauer’s Janice Ann and Haggerty Girls at anchor off the West Side as a storm moved in
Dean Reinauer was anchored further south
Josephine arrived later from the KvK with a light barge of her own, keeping pace on the flood tide with Vane’s Cape Henry which was arriving with a loaded barge from Philadelphia as they passed the anchored Dean. Josephine went on to anchor south of the Bridge while Cape Henry anchored off Yonkers.
Janice Ann weighed anchor and headed for the Upper Bay as rain came down in the afternoon
The Genesis Eagle arrived with a light barge after a delivery in New Haven and anchored off Yonkers as well.
Gracie M Reinauer had a loaded barge from Buckeye Port Reading and was heading for Albany.
Stephanie Dann, who’s homeport is in Florida and has not been observed by NRN before, brought a light barge back from Newburgh and headed for the Arthur Kill.
Coral Coast headed for Yonkers to help dock a sugar barge which had been brought up the coast by Ruby Coast a few hours earlier.
Coral later headed back to the Lafarge dock in Sunset Park
DonJon’s Meagan Ann was servicing the DSNY Pier 99 facility

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  1. So many tugs without barges! Seems wasteful, though maybe they enjoy the freedom. On their own, they bear a striking resemblance to ducks. Same aerodynamics?

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