Light Sunday

Traffic was light on the North River on Sunday after the Saturday rush. A trio of Reinauer ATBs occupied the anchorages at sunrise, while several tugs with barges were also anchored off Yonkers. Warming temperatures made it a good opportunity to try out the newly reopened North Walkway over the GWB, which allows for a much improved bike access from the River. Winds were moderate to gusty out of the west.

Dean Reinauer remained anchored off 72nd Street Sunday
Josephine was further north, near Edgewater
The Haggerty Girls were anchored in between, but pulled up the hook and headed for the Shell terminal at Sewaren by 10am.
Cape Henry, which had arrived from Philadelphia and anchored off Yonkers Saturday night with a loaded barge, passed the anchored Dean Reinauer and headed for Bayonne IMTT Sunday morning, seemingly bringing product north from the Delaware.
Over on the Jersey side, the Palisades Park marinas are still mostly empty, but the Parkway Police keep a RIB at the ready in Englewood Marina
The Beatrice is anchored off Yonkers, with the old New York Central Glenwood power plant visible in the background
Patrice McCalister was anchored a bit to the south, with the College of Mount Saint Vincent visibl in the background
Jordan Rose was anchored a bit further north
The Hudson River Pilots boat was tied up at its usual spot near the downtown Yonkers recreational pier
Dann’s Topaz Coast had the sugar barge Montville tied up at the Domino plant in Yonkers after coming up the coast on Saturday
Schuylkill, seen just Thursday heading north with a loaded barge, was heading north again after quick turnarounds
Brant were seen off Riverside Park in the 100s
The Baylander was back at the 125th Street Pier with what looked like a fresh coat of paint, just about 3 weeks after being towed to a dry dock on Staten Island.
DEP’s Red Hook was servicing the North River sewage plant
A paddle boarder was out near the Bridge
As was a kayaker

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