Norwegian Cruiseline’s Prima, launched last summer, arrived on the North River for the first time this year on Tuesday on a deadhead run from Port Canveral. Prima called here in October of last year and ran a few cruises from Pier 88 before heading south to Florida for the winter. She loaded passengers and headed out for a 7-day Bermuda run. Prima will make a few cruises out of New York before heading to Europe for Reykjavik-Southampton runs over the summer. Observed commercial traffic has been light so far this week.

A pair of Vane Brothers tugs brought a bunkering barge for Prima
Fort Schuyler maneuvered the barge alongside
Prima headed south well before sundown
Monday evening saw Discovery Coast heading north, passing a down bound Gracie Reinauer on two whistles. Discovery spends most days in the Harbor on bunkering runs, but this week she was heading upstate with a cargo. Gracie was returning from Albany.
Ruth Reinauer also headed south Monday after returning from Albany with a stop in Newburgh
Dean Reinauer remained anchored off the Boat Basin for a third day through Tuesday.
Patrice McCallister left her anchorage off Yonkers and headed for the Upper Bay, with her barge heads-to-tails on the hip, her usual configuration when the barge is light. In the background, a third big tower is going up in the Journal Square area of Jersey City.
Jordan Rose also left anchorage off Yonkers and headed south
William F. Fallon arrived on the River from the Riverhead Terminal off the North Shore of Long Island and anchored. The barge appeared at least partly loaded, despite returning from a delivery point.
Josephine began Monday anchored off Edgewater…
…but headed for the Upper Bay at midday
The Coast Guard 65’ small harbor tug Hawser headed south on Tuesday, traveling without AIS broadcast for the past month.
A Coast Guard Dolphin chopper made a run up the River Monday afternoon, probably flying from its base in Atlantic City.

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