Power move

Thursday afternoon saw the Dutch flagged cargo ship Floretgracht come down the North River from Albany on the way out to sea. The vessel had arrived earlier in the week from Northern Europe carrying steel cable spools according to the Port of Albany’s Twitter feed. The spools are for the Champlain Hudson Power Express, a new transmission line being constructed to bring clean energy generated upstate and in Canada down to New York City. Other traffic on the River this week has been more typical. As we head into the final days of March, days continue to begin cold, even below freezing on Friday morning, but the spring sun warms us as we move into afternoon.

Floretgracht heading back to sea Friday after delivering steel for the Champlain Hudson Power Express to the Port of Albany
Floretgracht passed the anchored Reinauer ATB Josephine
Josephine had arrived late Wednesday and dropped anchor
Earlier in the week, CMT’s Mister Jim headed north with what looked like sand, passing the anchored Dean Reinauer
The tug Pegasus ran light up to Yonkers on Wednesday morning to help Topaz Coast leave the dock at the Domino Sugar Plant with the barge Montville
Janice Ann Reinauer came back from Albany overnight, killed some time on the River, and then headed for the Harbor.
Kirby’s Cape Canaveral spent some time on the River Thursday after returning from a run up to Providence
Pinuccia had a products cargo heading north Thursday
A good looking mallard couple were looking for breakfast Wednesday

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