The Calm After the Storm Before the Storm

North River anchorages filled up Friday night and Saturday morning as a weather system moved through on the first day of April. Saturday afternoon brought gorgeous dry and warm conditions, but this was expected to fuel renewed significant deterioration as a cold front comes through in the evening and a gale warning was in effect.

The 1970 vintage Stephen Reinauer anchored off 72nd Street in the early Saturday hours, but headed back towards the harbor before the weather rolled in Saturday afternoon.
Gracie M. Reinauer anchored a bit further north of Stephen
Vane’s Philadelphia rolled in Saturday morning and anchored north of Gracie
B. Franklin Reinauer was through traffic, pushing a partially loaded barge towards Albany Saturday
Patrice McAllister spent Friday anchored off the North River treatment plant, with her usual heads/tails configuration to her tow
Patrice headed for the Harbor Friday afternoon
Buchanan12 headed north with empties on Friday
And returned with their usual load of crushed dolomite on Saturday
Everly Mist had a darker colored mineral cargo coming down from up north
Vane Brothers tugs were in position with a bunkering barge for Norwegian Gem Friday morning
Gem headed out Friday afternoon on another Bermuda run
American Petroleum’s small pusher tug Diane B headed north with a tank barge on Saturday afternoon
Pinuccia returned from Newburgh with a light barge Saturday
DonJon Marine had a load of recycling heading for the paper mill on Staten Island Saturday
Canada geese are on their nests now, with a new spring crop of goslings on the way

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