Tuesday traffic

After a slow start to the month, Tuesday brought some notable traffic to the North River, including some overseas cargos heading upstate on foreign flagged vessels. Pier 88 was also busy as the city’s Economic Development Corporation assembled some working boats from the Harbor for what seemed to be a career day for local students. The Coast Guard even brought one of their Jayhawk choppers down from Cape Cod to do an air/sea rescue demonstration.

The bulker Stoja headed for Coeymans Tuesday morning, arriving from Garrucha, Spain, which means the cargo is likely to have been gypsum.
Tuesday afternoon saw the Royal Wagenborg ship Warnowborg heading for Albany, arriving from Sweden with a likely cargo of wood pulp for paper mills up north.
The 70’ NYPD launch PO Jeff Herman was at Pier 88 for the EDC’s career day event.
As was the Coast Guard Cutter Penobscot Bay and two of the NYC DEP’s water quality boats.
DonJon’s formidable Douglas J. Was representing the private sector
On the north side of the pier, FDNY Fireboat 343 was joined by the Marine Battalion Chief’s small boat and the Captain Brian McAllister from the private side.
A Jayhawk from Cape Cod demonstrated rescue recovery off Pier 86
Stasinos Marine’s Cargomaster, a dry bulk barge not seen by NRN before, came down from Tomkins Cove on Sunday with unknown cargo
Dann Marine’s Ruby Coast left the Domino plant in Yonkers and headed for Caddell Dry Dock on Staten Island on Tuesday morning
American Petroleum’s Stephen B headed north with a small barge on Tuesday
Kristy Ann left anchorage off Edgewater and headed for the Upper Bay on Tuesday
Gracie M Reinauer remained anchored off the Boat Basin
Buchanan12 made their usual trip south with quarried crushed stone
DEP’s Red Hook hauled sludge away from the North River Plant on Tuesday, heading for the centrifuges of Hunts Point
The newer Rockaway tanker was doing the honors on Sunday
Monday saw the Vane Brothers’ Philadelphia anchored off 72nd Street. with what looked like a loaded barge. Philly later relocated to the Yonkers anchorage.

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