Returning light

Traffic on the North River remained heavy Wednesday after a busy Tuesday. Most observed barges were returning empty from deliveries elsewhere, but a foreign flagged tanker did move upriver heading for Albany with refined product from Montreal. This is the fourth presumed foreign oil products cargo observed by NRN over the past month or so, and the second from Montreal, with the other two originating in Northern Europe. A steady rain and cooler temperatures blanketed the region Wednesday after Tuesday’s beautiful spring conditions.

Portuguese flagged tanker Harbour Fashion headed for Albany with a likely cargo of refined petroleum products from the refinery in Montreal
Dann’s Sapphire Coast brought a light cement barge back from New Haven, heading for the Lafarge plant in Ravenna, NY.
Coral Coast was close behind, pushing a light cement barge of its own from the Lafarge College Point, Queens terminal, also heading back to Ravenna.
Janice Ann returned from a run up to Boston and anchored off 72nd Street to await a new cargo. Nicole Reinauer came down in the opposite direction from Newburgh and anchored north of the Janice Ann.
Vane’s Charleston returned from a delivery to Port Jefferson and anchored north of Nicole.
Discovery Coast with its distinctive ‘wedding cake’ tower came downriver after one their occasional deliveries to New Hamburg, NY and headed for a pier on the Brooklyn waterfront.
Marilyn George returned from a delivery to Newburgh just before sundown
A pair of Centerline tugs arrived early Wednesday with a bunkering barge for one of the two Norwegian Cruiseline ships which pulled in before sunrise, the Gem and the Getaway
A Vane Brothers tug also was on bunkering detail, barely visible in the late morning fog. Both Gem and Getaway were heading back to the Caribbean by late afternoon.
DonJon’s Meagan Ann was working DSNY’s Pier 99 transfer station, hauling paper waste to Staten Island for recycling.
Buchanan12 was on their usually daily rounds, towing crushed dolomite barges to be exchanged off Jersey City
These geese chose their next site well, in a fence-protected area above a DEP combined sewer outflow portal
Cormorants were at their usual posts

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