Going back for more sugar

Thursday brought typical ATB and tanker barge traffic, as well as the departure of the large sugar barge Knot Refined heading back to Florida. Temperatures climbed sharply and a layer of haze covered the North River for most of the day before burning off in late afternoon.

Ruby Coast had the large sugar barge Knot Refined on the wire, heading out to see and returning to Florida for more product after discharging cargo at the Yonkers Domino plant.
Diamond Coast trailed behind, likely having assisted with departure from the Yonkers dock, and also signaling Palm Beach
Carolina Coast followed a bit later, also coming down from Yonkers after arriving from Florida the day before. Carolina headed for the Kirby dock on the Kill van Kull
Curtis Reinauer headed north with a cargo loaded in Carteret, passing the anchored Janice Ann Reinauer with a contrasting light barge. Janice Ann later headed to the Arthur Kill, likely to load new cargo.
Susan Rose came up the River late in the afternoon, heading for an anchorage, probably off Yonkers were the Rose boats tend to hang out
Buchanan12 was on their usual daily trip back with light hoppers
The NYC DEP’s water quality monitoring boat, the Osprey, was on the River in the afternoon.
As was the NJ State Police’s patrol boat
The Holland-American Line’s Rotterdam arrived early Thursday from Florida. Rotterdam was transiting from winter sailing grounds in the Caribbean to spend summer in Northern Europe. She is scheduled to sail Thursday evening with passengers heading for the Netherlands.

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