In transit

Helping to transit Hudson River Community Sailing J80s from Viking Boatyard in Verplanck to Pier 66 in Chelsea provided a great opportunity to observe traffic north of the North River for a change. Traffic was moderate over the weekend, with an upbound bulker and downbound tanker the most notable observations.

Verplanck Fire Rescue keeps a boat at Viking Boatyard
Across the river, the retired FDNY fireboat John McKean continues to reside at the Panco Petroleum dock in Stony Point. The 1954 vintage McKean was expected to move down to a new permanent home in Tarrytown this year but the proposal seems to have run into local objections.
Sapphire Coast passed between Haverstraw and Verplanck with a load of cement from the Ravenna NY plant heading for Lafarge’s Bayonne terminal.
Fisherman were doing there thing in Haverstraw Bay
Southbound Amtrak Empire Service behind a P32 locomotive passed a J80 with spinnaker deployed north of Croton Point
The bulk ship Pearl Island passed Hook Mountain and entered Haverstraw Bay, en route to Albany from Chile and likely carrying road salt
Small passenger boats travel to Nyack’s North River Shipyard from as far away as Rhode Island for service. In residence Saturday were a Statue of Liberty boat, a Circle Line, a Seastreak, and several other vessels.
Coast Guard 65’ small harbor tug Wire fished some flotsam from the river which appeared to be a Mylar balloon sign
And continued south under the Mario Cuomo Bridge. Wire did not head for their Bayonne base, but rather continued around the Battery and out the Sound, arriving Sunday in New London.
Kimberly Poling came south under the Cuomo Bridge with a light barge
…and later anchored on the North River for a few hours before heading for a terminal in Carteret.
The privately-owned liftboat Legs III continues to reside at the Palisades Yacht Club in Yonkers
Susan Rose remained anchored off Yonkers
Carolina Coast was back with the sugar barge Jonathan at the Yonkers Domino Sugar plant after a trip down to the Kill van Kull without the barge for service earlier in the week.
The Hudson River Pilots boat Trenton was tied up at the Yonkers station as usual.
Mister Jim had empty hoppers and a spud barge heading back to Coeymans and passing the Englewood Cliffs
Back on the North River, Vane’s Charleston remained anchored off Grant’s Tomb for a third day
…and remained there Sunday morning at slack tide
Gracie M. Reinauer was heading north for Newburgh with a cargo Saturday before sundown
The small cruise ship Amera (small for a cruise ship, but still 600’ long!) was docked at Pier 90. Amera has been on a round-the-world tour, leaving Nice on December 22 and sailing east, and leaving New York with a plan for arrival in Germany on April 26 Sunday night.
The small bunkering tanker Lesney Byrd visited Amera on Sunday morning
Amera headed for New England en route to Europe on Sunday evening with assist from JRT Moran
The tanker Harbor Fashion headed back to sea Saturday evening after heading upriver for Albany earlier in the week. At the time we assume Harbor was carrying refined products for delivery up there, but she looked to be drawing more on the way back out, signaling Halifax, so possibly they loaded ethanol up north for export to Canada.
Curtis Reinauer returned from Albany with a light barge Sunday, made a U-turn around midtown and then went back to anchor off the West Side
Also on Sunday, Marilyn George headed for Albany with a cargo, passing a DonJon tug with a load of scrap heading for Jersey City.

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