Spring training

Summer-like temperatures and longer days are drawing more and more recreational traffic back to the North River. The water remains cold and provides a bit of air conditioning for those on shore, but first responders also seem to be getting more active as they prepare for a busy summer. Thursday saw an FDNY and Newark fireboat on the water, as well as a number of small boats from the Palisades Interstate Parkway Police, the NYPD and NJ State Police. Their activities did not appear coordinated, perhaps simply getting equipment and crews ready for the boating season. Military aircraft were also in evidence, perhaps also taking advantage of calm conditions for training activity. Otherwise commercial traffic was light and typical, with the exception of a 620’ bulker seen heading for Buchanan.

The FDNY’s big 343 boat was anchored for a while off 72nd Street and then drifted back towards their Chelsea base.
A Newark City fireboat looped up the River, venturing beyond its typical response area.
A Palisades Interstate Park Police RIB passed the 343
Followed by one of their Boston Whalers
This Whaler was also on the River, and could have been NJ State Police or another Parkway Police boat, but could not be positively IDed
This NJ State Police boat was easier to identify
As was this 35’ NYPD launch
Up above, a Coast Guard Dolphin helicopter made one of its regular patrols up from Atlantic City, circled Manhattan and headed home
More unusually, a pair of Dolphin’s flew up the River in the later afternoon, making several laps around Manhattan and the Statue. They were tracked out of Linden Airport, where USCG has no presence but returned to their AC base after the New York visit.
A Marine Viper attack helicopter from Light Attack Helicopter Squadron 773 out of McGwire-Dix-Lakehurst flew up the River as well
Accompanied as usual by one of the unit’s Huey’s running with doors open
A bit higher up, a Navy Hawkeye E-2D from Carrier Wing One in Oceana, Virginia also passed over us.
Commercial traffic included the 620 foot bulk ship Thor Mercury heading for the wallboard plant in Buchanan. Thor was coming from Dominican Republic, and probably carrying gypsum or perhaps some other mineral involved in the wallboard manufacturing process as most gypsum ships we see arriving are coming from Garrucha, Spain
As usual when bulk ships head for the Buchanan plant, a pair of Moran tugs heads up first to be in place to help with docking.
CMT’s Mister Jim came down from Coeymans with 4 hoppers loaded with stone
Cement transportation also continues to be quite visible this month, with Coral Coast coming down from Ravenna with a loaded barge and heading for the Lafarge terminals in Flushing and Bayonne.
Oil products keep moving as usual even as heating oil season ends. Haggerty Girls had a cargo in their 413’ barge heading for North Albany terminal just before sundown Wednesday.
The next morning, Navigator was pushing a much smaller barge the same direction
Susan Rose left the Yonkers anchorage and headed for the Upper Bay
Saint Emilion, seen heading north Sunday evening, returned to the Harbor Thursday afternoon with a light barge
Curtis Reinauer came down from Albany with a light barge and headed for the Upper Bay
North River Lobster Company had its first cruise of the season Thursday afternoon, with what looked like a relatively light crowd on board.

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