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The wing surfer was back on the North River off Riverside Park South for a second day, despite continued high winds. But this time he must have appeared to be having difficulty, because someone called for help on his behalf. The Harbor Patrol boat came up from the cruise terminal and so did Marine 1’s “alpha” boat. At first he seemed to decline any assistance, and the FDNY radioed back to their dispatcher that he was fine, but then he seemed to change his mind, and clambered aboard the NYPD for transport back to his boat house.

Aside from that excitement, activity observed on the River was not particularly notable, with the usual mix of tanker barges and hoppers observed. The small (though still 600’s long) cruise ship Viking Octantis was docked at Pier 88, mid-transit from Fort Lauderdale to summer cruising territory on the Great Lakes.

NYPD and FDNY boats came to check on a wing surfer off Riverside Park South
After initially declining assistance, he clambered aboard the NYPD boat
Stephen Reinauer, launched in 1970, came down from Albany with 311’ barge and anchored off 72nd Street for the day
Genesis Glory anchored for some time off Edgewater with a 367’ barge but then headed for the Upper Bay, passing an NYPD patrol boat
Buchanan12 made his way north to the Clinton Point quarry with his usual float of light hoppers
At the end the day, Everly Mist headed north towards the Catskill, NY quarry with hoppers as well
The pollution response boat New Jersey Responder made a loop up to about Pier 88 and then returned to a dock on the Arthur Kill, going the long way around Staten Island, seemingly just cruising, not responding.
The Army Corp’s Gelberman made a patrol on the North River. The larger Hayward seems to be back in service after some time on the hard but has not been seen on the River yet.

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