Fish on!

There is more than striped bass in the North River. On Friday morning, a regular named Louis caught a nice looking catfish with a waited hook and bunker as bate. Later, a trip off the River to the Rockaways via NYC Ferry provided an opportunity to observe activity in the Upper and Lower Bays.

A catfish emerges
And is carefully secured
Cormorants were also busy fishing
Vane’s Schuylkill was moving north with a cargo early Friday
Later, Vane colleagues on Charleston, which passed up the North River with a cargo Thursday, was seen in the Lower Bay heading for Perth Amboy after discharging cargo at Buckeye Newburgh
DonJon’s low slung J. Arnold Witte had a hopper loaded with scrap coming down from Sims Albany to the Sims Jersey City dock
Another DonJon tug, Meagan Ann, passed Pavonia with a load of waste paper from Pier 99 heading for Staten Island
Meagan Ann later passed Weehawken light, done for the day perhaps.
Sound Marine’s diminutive Kenny G towed a deck barge back to the North River Shipyard in Nyack
Treasure Coast had a light cement barge passing Jersey City en route for Ravenna
In the Upper Bay, Marjorie B McAllister had the NY Cross Harbor Railroad’s float barge heading back to Jersey City for interchange with CSX or Norfolk Southern. Westbound consists are usually empties and included lumber carriers, covered hoppers for flour and som box cars.
Norfolk Towing’s Robert Burton was bringing back empty Waste Management municipal waste containers to the Hamilton Avenue Transfer Station on the Gowanus
Later, Norfolk colleagues on James William were heading for the Southeast Brooklyn transfer station on Gravesend Bay with similar cargo
In the lower bay, the bulker Thor Mercury was heading for the salt dock in Newark, arriving from Dominican Republic and probably carrying gypsum
Coast Guard 29 footers guarded the Narrows with machine guns mounted
Further out, a larger response boat was stationed by the old quarantine grounds.
MSC’s brand-new 1,000 foot-long Meraviglia is tied up at Red Hook terminal, its new home port.
Costa Delisioza left the Manhattan terminal heading for Europe just ahead of sundown. Photo credit D. Ackman
A Sandy Hook Pilot boat was in the Lower Bay
A Marine Super Stallion helicopter belonging to New Jersey McGuire Air Force Base-based Heavy Helicopter Squadron 772, flew up the River Friday morning

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