Ahead of a storm

Saturday saw familiar traffic passing on the North River, with oil product cargos moving north and quarry output moving south. Stephen Reinauer and William J. Fallon both arrived on the River ahead of a line of storms expected to pass through in the evening. Norwegian’s Epic arrived in the morning fog at Pier 88, en route from its winter cruising territory in the Caribbean to its summer grounds in the Mediterranean. Winds were brisk, gusting up to 20 knots out of the northeast.

Vane’s Charleston has been back and forth on the North River all week and was seen Saturday passing the Battery on the way back up to Renssel
Janice Ann Reinauer was close behind as they passed Battery Park City with a cargo heading for Albany
Buchanan12 had the usual collection of barges loaded with Clinton Point dolomite heading for the Jersey City flats.
CMT’s Daisy Mae brought a shipment of sand up from the Delaware River heading for Coeymans
Cornucopia Majesty seemed to be having some engine issues. She was shadowed closely by a Stanislos tug as she carried passengers on a party run up from Jersey City to around midtown
William F. Fallon Jr left the Homeport pier in Stapleton and arrived early on the River with the barge Long Island…
And anchored off 72nd Street
Stephen Reinauer returned from a Newburgh run and anchored a bit further south.
Norwegian Epic arrived in the morning fog, transiting from the Caribbean to the Mediterranean for summer
Vane’s Fort McHenry provided bunkering services

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