Friendly competition

Sunday brought typical fare, a collection of tanker barges and hoppers pushed by tugs from various competing towing companies. Norwegian Prima arrived at Pier 88 after Epic left for Europe the evening before. The expedition cruise ship Ocean Explorer docked on the south side of the pier.

Boston Marine Transportation’s two tugs have been busy on the North River this week. Quenames was hading for Albany with cargo Sunday
The evening before, BMT’s other tug, Pinuccia, headed for Newburgh
Pinuccia returned to the Harbor Sunday afternoon with her light barge made up heads-to-tails on the hip.
Vane’s Schuylkill returned from Albany with a light barge of its own Sunday and headed straight for Tremley Point on the Arthur Kill
Dann’s Discovery Coast, with their distinctive wedding cake tower, had a cargo heading north Sunday afternoon
MHT’s Nathan G cam south with hoppers of stone from the quarry in Hudson, NY, heading for the Bay Ridge Flats
Stephen Reinauer, first launched in 1970 but substantially modified since then, remained anchored off 72nd Street with RTC 61, at 311’ one of the smaller Reinauer barges
Cape Fear departed Pier 88 after refueling Norwegian Prima
The small tanker Lesney Byrd handled the bunkering for the smaller Ocean Explorer.
Ocean Explorer headed out Sunday evening, destination unknown
Evelyn Cutler, rarely seen on the North River since Poling-Cutler acquired Marilyn George, was running light heading upstate for unknown reasons. Perhaps Kimberly Poling, currently southbound from Albany, needs assistance.
The Army Corp’s Driftmaster was on the River Sunday. The stalwart Hayward workboat seems to be still out of service.
An osprey, not very often seen on the North River, was hovering over Pier i on Sunday

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