The Usual Suspects

The final week of April has seen very typical traffic on the North River, with perhaps a heavier than usual parade of military flights passing overhead. Temperatures have been unseasonably cool, with rain coming for the weekend.

Discovery Coast, seen heading north with cargo on Sunday, was returning with a light barge a little more than 24 hours later after making a delivery in Poughkeepsie.
The small tanker Chandra B made a loop up the North River Tuesday en route to refueling boats in the Chelsea Piers Marina.
Susan Rose arrived Tuesday with a light barge and headed for their usual anchorage off Yonkers.
Kristy Ann returned to the harbor with a light barge Tuesday morning after an run up to Albany
Another Reinauer ATB passed through at twilight Tuesday night
Timothy Reinauer, launched in 1979, headed for Albany with cargo Wednesday afternoon
A Vane Brothers tug had a cargo heading north Wednesday morning
Vane’s Philadelphia anchored off 72nd Street with a loaded barge. Anchoring with loaded barges used to be rare, but we are seeing it more often this year for unknown reasons.
Dann’s Diamond Coast returned to the Harbor for service on Tuesday after delivering a sugar barge to the Yonkers refinery
On Thursday they were heading back their barge up in Yonkers.
DonJon’s Emily Ann had a waste paper scow heading for Pratt Industries paper mill on the Arthur Kill, passing the Battery Wednesday.
Emily Ann was ready to make another DSNY run on Thursday morning at Pier 99.
Stasinos’s Brinn Courtney had a spud barge with a crane leaving the North River and entering the Upper Bay Wednesday morning
Buchanan12 was making their usual run down from the Clinton Point quarry
Jersey City’s fireboat ventured on to the River Thursday morning.
Up above, a pair of C130s flew up the River festooned with what are called “invasion stripes”, a commemoration of the recognition symbol used by allied planes on D-Day in 1944.
A Marine Viper attack helicopter flying up from Lakeland NJ on Thursday had no stripes.
A Coast Guard Dolphin made a low altitude patrol up the River flying at the edges of its range from the Atlantic City base
A cormorant kept watch on the Boat Basin on Monday

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