Weekend Washout

Tug/barge anchorages on the sheltered North River were in high demand Sunday after a weekend of steady drenching rain culminating in thunder storms. Recreational activity was virtually nil and even commercial traffic seemed light. Genesis Energy’s Valiant arrived in New York Harbor Friday from Philadelphia and anchored for a bit with a light barge off 125th Street. Valiant later returned to the Narrows where AIS data showed them doing a do-si-do with the tanker Pro Onyx, recently arrived from Rotterdam. When Valiant returned to the River on Saturday, the barge was clearly lower in the water, suggesting they had lightered an oil products cargo from the Onyx. Valiant went on to anchor off Yonkers for the balance of the weekend, and the ultimate destination for the cargo remains unknown.

Other arrivals on the River included a Dutch frigate, which spent the weekend tied up at Pier 90. The privately-owned Dutch clipper ship Stad Amsterdam is currently docked at South Street Seaport hosting a trade delegation, and possibly the visits are related.

Genesis Valiant was anchored off 125th Street Friday after arriving from Philadelphia
Later, Valiant headed back to the narrows, passing Curtis Reinauer en route to anchor off Grant’s Tomb on one whistle
Valiant returned the next day in the rain with her barge clearly having been loaded, seemingly having lightered a cargo of European oil products off the tanker Pro Onyx in the Narrows.
The Dutch frigate HNLMS Holland was tied up on the north side of Pier 90. Holland is currently on a rotating assignment in the Dutch Caribbean islands and her visit to New York coincides with the Dutch clipper ship Stad Amsterdam hosting a trade delegation at South Street Seaport.
Vane’s Elk River brought a bunkering barge to refuel the frigate
Saint Emilion passed through Friday with a cargo heading for Albany
And returned their lighter barge to the Harbor on Sunday
Vane’s Fells Point had an oil products cargo heading for New Hamburg, keeping pace with Dann’s Treasure Coast with a light cement barge on the hip being returned to Lafarge in Ravenna
Vane’s Fells Point returned to the Harbor Saturday with the barge light
Timothy L Reinauer returned from a delivery to Albany Saturday morning
A trio of Reinauer articulated tug-barge combinations, Gracie, Kristy Ann, and Curtis, were anchored in the North River Sunday morning, with Genesis Glory sitting a bit to their south
Kimberly Poling anchored off 72nd for a few hours Sunday on the way back from an Albany run
Janice Ann Reinauer returned from a run up to Providence and anchored off Edgewater for a few hours before heading to Kinder Morgan in Perth Amboy
Norfolk Towing’s George Holland brought a hopper north to the Tilcon quarry in Clinton Point Saturday, supplementing the usual efforts of Buchanan 12
MHT’s Nathan G headed north with hoppers on Sunday
The DEP tanker Red Hook was servicing the North River sewage plant, collecting sludge for dewatering at the Hunts Point centrifuges
Norwegian’s Prima left Pier 88 Sunday evening unassisted. Next stop: Bermuda.

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