Through traffic

The North River saw steady two-way traffic Tuesday. Early showers gave way to sun, but temperatures remain unseasonably chilly.

CMT’s Mackenzie Rose came through early Tuesday with loaded hoppers heading to Newark from Coeymans
A pair of Reinauer ATBs remain anchored in the North River, Gracie and Kristy Ann
Weeks Marine’s Virginia brought one of the company’s heavy cranes up to Pier 98
Where they occupied the space recently vacated by the GCS 230 fuel barge. By the end of the day the heavy lifting on the Con Ed pier was complete and they headed back to base.
The 154’ Coast Guard cutter Warren Dayampert remained tied up at the end of Pier 86, but did not stay in town for the weekend commissioning ceremony of the USS Cooperstown, leaving before sunset and heading for the north shore of Long Island for the night.
A Coast Guarder was doing some work on the Dayampert’s anchor chain.
Preparations were underway on the USS Cooperstown for Saturday’s ceremony
Harbor Patrol stationed an extra 31’ RHIB at Pier 86
In addition to the usual small launch based there
Stephen Reinauer had a cargo heading for Albany
Dean Reinauer was close behind, heading for Newburgh
Nicole Leigh Reinauer was coming the other way, returning from Newburgh with a light barge
Balico’s small tug Navigator, not often seen on the North River, had a small tanker heading for Albany.
Quenanames had a cargo heading north as well, passing a party boat out of Chelsea Piers.
Dann’s Treasure Coast had a load of cement coming down from Ravenna, heading to Lafarge’s Bayonne terminal
Jordan Rose left their anchorage off Yonkers and headed for the Arthur Kill, passing Buchanan 12 pushing empties back towards Clinton Point.
The first gosling of the year was seen in Riverside Park South
Possibly coming from the now unattended nest above the combined sewer overflow at the end of 66th Street where two unhatched eggs were left abandoned.

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