Spring at last, again

Conditions improved dramatically as the week progressed, while commercial traffic observations were light and typical, with fuel moving north and cement and stone moving south.

The GCS 230 barge surprisingly was returned to Con Ed’s Pier 98 fuel dock by a pair of Vane tugs after an absence of a couple of days. The barge holds number 4 oil, a backup fuel for the 59th Street steam plant which normally burns natural gas, and last spring it disappeared in spring and returned in November. In retrospect, the barge’s disappearance last weekend seems to have been to accommodate the big Weeks Marine crane which spent Tuesday at the pier, and perhaps Con Ed anticipates it will still need to burn some oil this year.

Poling-Cutler tugs were busy Thursday, with Kimberly Poling coming through with an Albany cargo…
And Kristin Poling close on their heals
Stephen Reinauer was coming the other direction, returning with a light barge from up north.
Pearl Coast brought a load of cement down from Lafarge’s Ravenna plant Friday morning and headed around the Battery, through the Gate and out Long Island Sound heading for New England
Later Coral Coast was moving the opposite direction, pushing a light cement barge back to Ravenna.
Shannon Dann had unknown business up north on Thursday, but by Friday they were back in Erie Basin.
The GCS 230 fuel barge was back at Con Ed’s Pier 98, delivered by a pair of Vane tugs Friday morning after vacating its parking spot last weekend to make room for a heavy crane barge earlier in the week
The Billion Oyster Project had its small boat loaded with what looked like students on Thursday.
An Army Chinook chopper moved north on Thursday

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