Outdoor activity

Perfect weather brought heavy recreational activity back to the North River, with motor, wind and human power vessels very much in evidence. Commercial traffic was heavy as well, particularly on Sunday. Norwegian’s Prima spent the day on the north side of Pier 88 and the USS Coooperstown remained tied up on the south side after their commissioning ceremony on Saturday which featured a 19-gun canon salute.

A load of sugar headed for Domino Yonkers, coming up the coast from Florida on the barge Jonathan and tug Carolina Coast
Metropolitan Marine, which seems to handle docking assist at the Yonkers plant, had one of their two small tugs, the Pegasus, follow Carolina up to help dock the barge. Later, Pegasus headed back to the Harbor
Dann’s Discovery Coast, with their unique stripped tower, had a cargo heading north, probably heading for one of the smaller oil depots in Westchester or Duchess Counties. They passed a J80 sailboat.
The DEP tanker Red Hook carried a load of sludge towards the Battery, heading for the centrifuges at Hunts Point.
Boston Marine’s Pinnucia had a cargo heading for Albany
Kimberly Poling came through Sunday morning heading for Albany as well
MHT’s Nathan G had a mineral cargo from up north heading for the Harbor Sunday evening.
Vane’s Cape Fear refueled Norwegian Prima.
Prima later left on her final spring Bermuda cruise. She will return to NYC next week and then transit to Iceland, where Prima will spend the summer running between Reykjavík and Southhampton, UK.
This repurposed Blues Mobile-style former Marin County California sheriff’s boat, last seen in November 2022, was back on the River heading north. It is still unclear who owns this boat now and why they have not painted over the Marin logo on the superstructure and sheriff markings on the hull.
A group of kayakers on Sunday
An NYPD patrol boat passed the Little Island Park and the Whitney Museum Sunday.
HRCS J80 sailboats enjoyed the building wind Sunday afternoon
The schooner Adirondack, based at Chelsea Piers, raised sales off Hoboken as an HRCS J24 sailboat prepared to pass astern

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