Spring weekend

Mothers’ Day weekend passed with fairly typical traffic observations. If Poling-Cutler tugs dominated traffic during previous weekdays, the weekend was heavy with Reinauer Transportation moves. Beautiful conditions prevailed through Sunday.

Kristy Ann came through midday Friday with a cargo for Albany
They returned Sunday and anchored off Edgewater
Dace Reinauer, 1968 vintage with mods, was running close behind Kristy Ann
Next came the Haggerty Girls, also Albany bound
Early Saturday, Dean Reinauer was heading for Newburgh and later continuing on to Albany
Sunday morning saw Boston Marine’s Quenames returning from Newburgh with a light barge
Buchanan12 was making its usual crushed dolomite runs on Sunday
Dredging activity returned to the north side of Pier 90 even as cruise ships arrived Sunday and occupied either side of Pier 88. Sea Fox was standing by with a dredging barge, flanked by Harbor Patrol boats for no clear reason
The Army Corps had its survey boat Moritz on the North River Friday
Coast Guard tug Sturgeon Bay returned from a trip up to Albany
Norwegian Prima made its final departure from NYC of the season. Prima is heading to Iceland and will be making Reykjavik to Southampton, England runs for the summer.
Norwegian Joy will be making Bermuda runs from NYC all summer, but Joy got a late start Sunday, not leaving before sundown as her bunkering barge only cleared after 6pm
For the second day in a row, a pair of Marine heavy lift helicopters flew up the River on Friday
Air temperatures were warm but the water is still cold. A kayaker capsized south of Pier i but was able to get back aboard and continue paddling with help from their SUP friend.

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