Coming and going

Tugs and tanker barges accumulated in the North River anchorages on Wednesday, similar to what we saw Monday into Tuesday. This is somewhat unusual in fair weather, even as we did get small craft warnings for the Harbor Wednesday afternoon due to wind gusts above 20 knots. The apparent glut of capacity could reflect a lull in cargos as winter heating season ends and summer driving season has yet to ramp up. It might also be tempting to view this as another indication of slowing demand, consistent with the steady drop in New York Harbor diesel prices we have seen in recent months, but this is probably a stretch. In any event, Wednesday saw Kristy Ann return and Cape Canaveral arrive, joining Evelyn Cutler, and B. Franklin Reinauer who remained from Tuesday. Kimberly Poling came up the River and swapped places on the barge with Evelyn later in the day.

Reinauer’s Josephine returned from Albany with a light barge and headed for Reinauer’s Richmond Terrace dock, passing B. Franklin, Evelyn Cutler and Kristy Ann with their respective barges.
Kirby’s Cape Canaveral arrived on the River making a loop back to the Harbor before returning to anchor off the Boat Basin.
Evelyn Cutler left their barge briefly unattended as Kimberly Poling arrived to take over. They passed the anchored B. Franklin.
Pinuccia returned from Newburgh with a light barge, passing between the anchored Cape Canaveral and a sailboat under power.
Navigator also had a light barge, coming back from Albany
Dean Reinauer was heading north with a cargo, passing Buchanan12 on one whistle with their usual raft of stone barges, as well as the anchored Cape Canaveral.
Coast Guard 140’ tug Sturgeon Bay made a loop up to Yonkers and then returned to their Bayonne base.
The Army Corp’s Moritz made a patrol as far north as Dobbs Ferry before returning to the Harbor.
Up above, a Coast Guard Dolphin chopper made a loop up the River flying from their Atlantic City base.
Vane Brothers tugs arrived with a bunkering barge for the cruise ship Marella Discovery, negotiating around DonJon’s dredging team.
Discovery docked at Pier 90, on a round trip run from Florida with a stop in the Bahamas.
The dredgers were now working between Pier 88 and Pier 90
A trimaran sailboat with its mast shipped motored north

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