Supply or demand?

North River anchorages have remained a bit busier than usual, for no obvious reason, with seasonal, supply, or demand explanations all plausible. B. Franklin relocated to the Upper Bay, but a pair of Poling-Cutler tugs remained into the weekend and were joined by Timothy Reinauer. Foreign product cargos remain in some demand apparently, with a foreign flagged tanker arriving from the refinery in New Brunswick Canada and heading for Albany.

Kristin Poling remained anchored off Englewood Marina with the barge Eva Leigh Cutler
Kimberly Poling was further south, sitting off Edgewater with her own barge, having relieved Evelyn Cutler earlier in the week.
B. Franklin remained anchored off the Boat Basin with RTC81 Thursday but was in the Upper Bay by Friday.
Vane’s Philadelphia spent some time on the North River late in the week but then was heading south down the Jersey Shore by Saturday
Dean Reinauer did not tarry, heading for the Harbor to load new cargo Thursday.
Dace Reinauer passed through Friday
The foreign flagged tanker Ardmore Cheyenne arrived from New Brunswick in the rain on Saturday with a refined products cargo heading for Albany
Coral Coast had a light cement barge on the way back to Ravenna from the College Point terminal Friday
Dredging continues at the cruise terminal. Atlantic Enterprise had a mud scow ready for loading Saturday morning
Colleagues on Thomas D Witte were working Pier 99 on Thursday morning
NYC Parks Enforcement has a boat docked at the Dyckman Street marina
The first observed mallard ducklings were with momma south of the Boat Basin
Cormorants try to dry their wings in the rain on old New York Central piers Saturday

2 responses to “Supply or demand?”

  1. Those wet cormorants make awesome abstract art. How long did you have to wait for that final bird to fly into the frame and complete the composition?



    1. Haha, just lucky timing believe it or not.


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