Working and resting

North River anchorages remain relatively crowded Sunday, but cargos were also on the move. Kimberly Poling remained anchored off Englewood Cliffs but colleagues on Evelyn Cutler and Marilyn George were moving north with cargos. Similarly, Timothy L. Reinauer and Kristy Ann were anchored south of the Bridge, while Haggerty Girls and Nicole Reinauer headed north. A bulker loaded with scrap headed for sea. Brisk winds made for excellent sailing, while Saturday’s heavy rain made for shorter flood tides and heavy ebbs.

Evelyn Cutler and the barge Edwin A Poling had a cargo heading for Rensselaer, passing Englewood Cliffs
Marilyn George of the same company passed Spuyten Duyvil with cargo loaded on the barge Noelle Cutler, heading for Albany
Their colleagues on Kimberly Poling remained anchored off Englewood with the barge Eva Leigh Cutler
Reinauer’s Haggerty Girls had a cargo heading for Albany, passing the Dyckman Street Marina
The powerful Nicole Reinauer was heading for Newburgh
The older Timothy L Reinauer was anchored off Grant’s Tomb
Kristy Ann was anchored further north
Bulk ship Della was heading for Turkey via Searsport, Maine after loading scrap metal in Rennsalaer
George Holland passed Dyckman Marina and a J80 preparing to dock, heading to Haverstraw Bay with light hoppers
George later returned to the Harbor running light and headed for the New York Sand and Stone dock in Brooklyn Navy Yard

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