Get ready for the fleet

Fleet Week officially kicks off Wednesday with the arrival of the parade of ships heading for Pier 88 and Stapleton, but there were signs of preparation already on Tuesday. The Italian frigate Virginio Fasan was tied up at Pier 90 in the morning, though they later headed back to the Harbor, presumably to join the parade in the morning. The Boston-based Coast Guard cutter Warren Deyampert, which visited just a few weeks ago, was back at the end of Pier 86 during the day as well before also heading back out in the afternoon. This year’s flattop will be amphibious assault ship LHD-1 USS Wasp, which was off the Jersey Shore as of Tuesday afternoon. Military chopper traffic was also heavy.

Italian Navy frigate F591 Virginio Fasan was docked at Pier 90 in the morning, with a RHIB alongside doing maintenance
What appeared to be an AW101 chopper was visible on F591’s stern deck
Coast Guard 150’ Cutter Warren Deyampert was docked on the end of Pier 86
Deyampert later headed back to the Upper Bay, as did Virginio Fasan, presumably to join the parade of ships Wednesday morning.
What appeared to be a Navy Seahawk helo made a number of loops up from the Harbor, perhaps flying off Wasp as she came up the Jersey Shore
A pair of Air National Guard Pavehawk search and rescue helicopters out of Grabeski in West Hampton came up the River as far as the Bridge…
And then headed for home.
Harbor Charlie was keeping an eye on things
Dean Reinauer was anchored off the Boat Basin with 413’ barge RTC106
The much older Stephen Reinauer passed Dean coming back from Newburgh with their smaller 311’ RTC61
Charleston left its anchorage off Yonkers and headed for the Vane dock at the mouth of the Gowanus
Buchanan12 made its daily run with crushed dolomite from Clinton Point
George Holland came through Monday evening also heading for Clinton Point
NYC DEP’s water quality monitoring ship Osprey came down the River
Pleasure boat numbers increase by the day heading for Memorial Day weekend

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