The Fleet is In

Fleet Week kicked off Wednesday with the traditional parade of ships. The surprise this year was the participation of the destroyer USS Cole, famous for surviving a deadly al-Qaeda attack in Yemen back in October 2000. For more on Fleet Week, see my write up in the West side Rag.

USS Cole led the procession, with the FDNY’s 343 boat visibile on their port side
The Army Corp’s Gelberman trooped the colors. Hayward did this job last year but that larger crane ship seems to be out of service still
The US Coast Guard Cutter William Deyampert, down from Boston again, joined the procession with an NYPD RHIB
The unusual looking fast transport ship USNS Newport passed by before heading to her weekend quarters at the Homeport Pier in Staten Island
The USS Wasp made a sharp left turn into the cruise terminal with help from Moran Towing
The survey vessel HMS Scott also turned into Pier 88 with help from Stasinos and Haugland Group tugs
The Italian frigate Virginio Fasan came up the River before returning to Pier 90, shadowed by Marie J. Turecamo
Virginio’s Augusta Westland chopper was out on the rear deck. NYS Environmental Conservation Police contributed a boat to the security detail
Canadian patrol boat Glace Bay was part of the procession
The Naval Academy contributed four of its yard patrol training ships
Margaret Moran, a longtime favorite of NRN, was on standby for assistance
DonJon is not usually in the bunkering business, but Douglas J seemed to be keeping a fuel barge out of the way, which was later brought to the Wasp’s location south of Pier 88. On their port is USCG small harbor tug Hawser.
A Coast Guard Auxiliary patrol was using a civilian boat
Another Auxiliary team was more officially equipped
NYC’S Department of Emergency Management apparently has a boat, not seen on the River before.
A trio of F18s and an E2 Hawkeye early warning plane flew in formation up to the Cuomo Bridge
The E2 got left behind on the way back
Navy Seahawk choppers, probably flying off of the Wasp, made loops over the river
The NYPD kept a lower level eye on things
An Air Force VIP transport Huey arrived just as the ships were docking
Fireboat Three Forty Three was part of the welcoming committee

Meanwhile, the marine highway remained opened for business as usual, though tugs generally stayed out of the way.

Buchanan12 came through just before the procession with their usual float of loaded hoppers.
And returned with empties after the traffic had cleared.
Kristin Poling, anchored of Englewood Cliffs with barge Eva Leigh Cutler for the past few days, waited for most of the parade to have dispersed before heading for the Arthur Kill, making a weird half loop back up to Chelsea on the way, perhaps to avoid traffic in the Upper Bay
The Haggerty Girls/RTC107 ATB were heading for Albany or Newburgh with cargo in the afternoon

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