Memorial Day weekend ahead

The cruise terminal is teaming with sailors and coast guards and heavily guarded as we head into Memorial Day weekend. Observed commercial traffic has been moderate.

Vane’s Wye River headed north with a cargo Wednesday evening
CMT’s Mackenzie Rose had hoppers loaded with what looked like sand, heading for Coeymans from the Bay Ridge Flats Thursday morning
Marylin George brought her barge back light from Albany Thursday afternoon
A Coast Guard 29’ response boat with machine gun mounted was protecting the fleet, with cutter Warren Deyampert tied up at the end of the Intrepid pier and an NYPD Harbor Patrol boat watching the stern of the USS Wasp. A harrier is visible on the stern of the Wasp.
Military air traffic remained heavy, including a Marine Viper flying up the River at midday
Wasp had a fuel barge alongside
The Royal Navy marine survey ship HMS Scott was docked on the north side of Pier 88.

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