Drill Baby Drill

Wednesday brought sunny skies but temperatures only in the 40s and persistently brisk winds. For most of the morning, a quartet of Coast Guard 29’ response boats was conducting drills in the river. Two of the boats had their machine guns mounted and manned in the bow.

Coast Guard 29’ boats drill with machine guns mounted

The Dean Reinauer headed up the river for Newburgh with a barge loaded at the Bayonne terminal. Christian Reinauer, which we saw Tuesday heading up river with no barge, apparently picked up an empty barge in Albany and passed us returning Wednesday.

Dean Reinauer passes Weehawken pushing for Newburgh
Christian Reinauer returns from Albany with an empty barge, passing the condos and sewage treatment tanks of West New York
The DEP’s Red Hook passed the Port Imperial Ferry Terminal en route to the North River plant to pick up sewage sludge for processing in Hunts Point
Mackenzie Rose headed home to Coeymans with a high sided hopper barge

One response to “Drill Baby Drill”

  1. […] back in the river Thursday, drilling similarly to what we observed almost exactly a month ago (see Drill Baby Drill). Once again, two boats had their forward machine guns mounted. FDNY’s 140’ Marine 1 fire boat […]


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