Practice makes perfect

Coast Guard Sector New York’s four 29’ response boats were back in the river Thursday, drilling similarly to what we observed almost exactly a month ago (see Drill Baby Drill). Once again, two boats had their forward machine guns mounted. FDNY’s 140’ Marine 1 fire boat was also practicing on the river (or perhaps just showing off), running its water cannons for a sustained period near Pier 97.

USCG 29’ boats drill as the venerable Francis passes with hoppers full of stone
FDNY’s Marine 1 making rain

Dredging work continues at the passenger ship terminal, bringing a steady flow of barges to haul away the mud.

Dredging barges are maneuvered mid-river
Schuylkill headed back to the harbor after anchoring off Riverdale overnight
A 45’ NYPD boat on Thursday
A keel boat heeling nicely as wind picked up late afternoon.

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