The story of Teresa

When we published our article The barges (and other big boats) in your backyard in the West Side Rag a few weeks ago, a number readers indicated they wanted to know more about the tug/barge combination that was anchored in the river at around 94th Street for many weeks on end. It seems some residents had noticed the vessel and understood how unusual this extended stay was. With some digging through court records and a bit of historical AIS data I was able to pull together a story. The AT/B got caught up in a legal dispute between the owners and a bunkering company and was “arrested” by Federal warrant while in dry dock in Brooklyn. After initially, anchoring in the Upper Bay, the Coast Guard had her move up to the North River on around January 21, and there she remained until leaving this past weekend. For more details, please see today’s story in the West Side Rag:

The Teresa is currently cruising past Florida. Meanwhile, back on the river today, midday observations indicate another glorious afternoon is in store. There has been some good traffic on the river as well. Stephen Reinauer came through with its barge loaded in Perth Amboy heading upriver.

Stephen Reinauer heading north with a loaded barge

The DEP’s Rockaway was servicing the North River sewage plant, heading to pick up residual solids for dewatering at the centrifuges at Ward’s Island or Hunts Point.

DEP’s Rockaway heading for a pickup as a Waterway ferry passes astern

The Wagenborg Alaskaborg freighter came through heading for Port of Albany, arriving from Sweden. These vessels are usually carrying wood pulp destined for paper mills up north.

More wood pulp heading for Albany

The Fells Point came through with a barge loaded in Linden NJ, also heading north.

Vane Brothers Fells Point pushing upriver

Pier 88 had a new visitor, with the Dutch naval patrol boat Friesland tied up on the south side of the pier, opposite the old Growler submarine at the Intrepid museum. According to news reports, Friesland has been operating in the Dutch Antilles since January and was recently involved in a major drug seizure operation in cooperation with the US Coast Guard. The Tugster blog today has great detail on the ship’s history and design.

Dutch navy patrol vessel visiting NYC after Caribbean patrol

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