Sunday blues

Another pleasant, hot but breezy day on the river Sunday with heavy commercial and recreational traffic. Krisitin Poling lefter her anchorage early but was replaced by Centerline’s Adeline Marie. Adeline Marie is, according to, another former Bouchard boat which was briefly leased to Unico Commodities last year under the name Rubio (Unico being also the former owner of our old friend Teresa, which spent six week’s in the North River this winter). Another of Centerline’s tugs, the Billy Silverton remained anchored off Grants Tomb, with the Cape Canaveral sitting in between.

Adeline Marie arrived and anchored off 72nd
Cape Canaveral and Billy Silverton a bit further upriver

A day after the Knot Refined barge left us, a new load of sugar was heading for Yonkers, with the Carolina Coast pushing the smaller and older Sugar Express barge up from Florida. East Coast continues to be based up near the Yonkers plant though she made a visit to a boat yard in Staten Island on Sunday.

Carolina Coast and Sugar Express head for Yonkers
East Coast heads back to Yonkers after a day on Staten Island

Tanker traffic was mainly empties heading south, with a Reinauer ATB and the Evelyn Curtis passing through. It was a tight squeeze as the Reinauer boat passed the anchored Adele Marie and the upbound Sugar Express at the same time. Pinuccia had to squeeze around a departing Norwegian Joy later in the afternoon.

Evelyn Cutler pushing an empty down from Albany
Tight squeeze in the afternoon traffic
Nicole Leigh Reinauer returning from Newburgh
Pinuccia squeezed close to the Jersey side with its loaded barge to avoid Norwegian Joy backing out as it headed for Bermuda
Buchanan12’s Sunday load was a bit lighter than usual

One of the regular fishermen on Pier i caught a nice looking stripped bass in the morning. At 18”, it was 8” short of regulation and had to be thrown back, though the fisherman took some scales which he sends to the State DEC for research purposes. Marine pilots were busy, with a trio of Ospreys heading north in the afternoon.

USMC Ospreys heading north

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